Forum Title: Partial Roof Under Deck (Attn Vaaa)
I was advised from contractor talk dot com to join here and contact Vaaa regarding my current project. I have a deck which is directly above a 1 car garage (thats leaking). The goal here is to remove the flooring of the deck, fix the roof and replace the deck floor. Then from there, tear down the walls of the garage and redo them one at a time. However, I started removing the deck flooring today and found strips of light weight tin between each joist as the roof top. Which has tons of rust holes letting water into the garage. Underneath the tin is the insulation then the garage ceiling. Ontop of all of that, the roof posts are not up to par as well. So my issue is, I obviously Can't do a torch down roof without raising the deck up a little and even with that I need some slope towards the gutter. Underdecking won?t work with having a ceiling in the garage. So that leaves me towards the idea of getting a roll of EPDM but I'm still not sure how I?d create slope. For dimensions the part of the deck that covers the garage is 12.5?d x 20?w. It appears that the ledger is nailed to another board which is anchored to the basement wall. Can't confI'm this 100% until I get that far with tearing up deck. There are no joist hangers and they are 16? centers. Here are some more pictures of the deck. Don't mind the mess, trying to see what I have to work with before I jump in 100%. Seeing that the side wall of the garage is the where the majority of the load is being supported from and that and the person who built this really cut corners everywhere.. I?d like to level the whole garage, build a footing and redo it with blocks. It's just not going to be worth it all if I have to take the deck roof off too. Any suggestions on how to put a roof on the garage (under the deck) without leveling it and starting again will be greatly appreciated.
Category: Roofing Post By: Kyle Compton (Houston, TX), 02/24/2018

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