Forum Title: What made you start roofing?
My apologizes if this has been asked before but I am curious. I am doing it as a side job for extra income this summer but if I enjoy it enough, I would like to do it full time.
Category: Roofing Post By: RUBEN LOWE (Compton, CA), 01/01/2018

I lost my factory job that I had. I didn‚t know it was just a seasonal job. My dad is a roofer. He got me a job through one of his friends. I haven‚t decided if I‚ll make this a career. Right now it pays the bills.

- JOY TERRY (Lakewood, OH), 03/11/2018

I ran around with a few guys that were into roofing. I had a few different jobs. I never liked them all that much. A friend said he could get me a roofing job. I‚ve been doing it ever since. I can‚t imagine myself doing anything else.

- HAZEL JENSEN (Springfield, MA), 04/07/2018

I always knew I wanted to work inside. I knew guys that worked in factories growing up. I had a friend who‚s dad was a mechanic. I didn‚t want to do any of that. I just wanted to be outside in the fresh air. I‚ve always hated being stuck inside. I got a roofing job and I‚ve been doing it ever since.

- GEORGE MOORE (Richardson, TX), 05/02/2018

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